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Product Performance

The division of product performance enables our clients to establish superior marketing strategies on the product level.

This is achieved through fundamental analyses of performance issues and corresponding recommendations on one hand, and by specific, standardized tools on the other hand.

Additionally, the creation of business cases and plans frees up space for the operational business, especially for customer care.

Possible services in the product performance division are:
  • Optimization of Product Strategies
    Evaluation of product performance, launch strategy maximization, concept for tail products, market assessment, access (e.g. for pricing and negotiation strategies)
  • Development / Audit of Product Plans
    Launch plans, marketing plans, sales forecast
  • Standardized Tools, e.g.:
    Upside Evaluator: Uncovering of untapped potential in five areas critical for success
    Defense Optimizer: Optimal preparation for new competitors, evaluation of all strategic options
    Readiness Check: Set the course for maximal takeoff in the early launch phase
    Sales Force Evaluator: In-depth analysis of the sales force activity as leadership tool for effective management of the sales force